Panchakarma term is made up by two words, Panch means five and karma means procedure or action – so Panchakarma is five different types of procedure/action to clean/detoxify the body or procedure for balancing the five elements which is Aakash, Vayu, Agni, Jala and Prithvi Mahabhuta/tattva is called Panchakarma.

The term Panchakarma refers to the five principal practices used to cleanse the body of its excess bodily humours called Doshas. According to Charaka (Maharishi who first recorded and re-evaluated the Ayurvedic texts called Charaka samhita) introduced these cleansing practices as the axis around which all Ayurvedic healing therapies revolve, defining it as the one primary independent discipline to be employed in order to promote health.

Method & Scopr of Panch Karma

A pre-purification procedure to prepare the body for the main Panchakarma. It includes Bodily Massage (snehana), Steam (swedana), Shirodhara (oil treatment of head), the ingesting of ghee and other complementary treatments to assist in softening and oileating the body in order to prepare the toxins for elimination.

Why Panchakarma is superior?

  • Protective and promotive (rejuvenating) to health and preventive from any kind disease
  • Ability to evacuate toxins from root level
  • Superiority of efficacy
  • Enormity of Procedure
  • Target of dosha eradication
  • Multiplicity of action
  • Kayakalpa – gives new life to whole body

Importance of Panch Karma

  • The significance of Panch karma is testified by the fact that they are essentially applicable to all cases covering a wide range of preventive, curative and promotive conditions.
  • Conservative management does not work adequately if Panch kama detox is not preceded.
  • Panch karma therapy for its purificatory role is a general way of management of disease. Therefore, the procedure remains more or less same in every disease, only doe specifications alter.
  • Panch karma if carried out, with due respect to the season and body constitution renders biopuification, Immune-potentiation and disease prevention.
  • Panch karma if carried out, on regular basis helps to delay the process of aging.
  • It carries the unique idea of total disease cure. No other medical system has any such therapy at least at hypothetical level.
  • It renders multiple therapeutic benefits such as, effect of specific disease—Desired benefit, Rehabilitation/Physiotherapy effect- immediate Benefit, Effect of general immunity—long term benefit.
  • The benefit of surgery will be very much ensured, if (preoperative procedure for elective surgery) t follows Panch karma therapy.
  • Panch karma is the important procedure before Rasayana therapy(Rejuvenation procedure)
  • Removes the root cause of disease
  • Balances bodily humours Vata, Pitta, Kapha
  • Improves immunity.
  • Balances nervous system, Blood circulatory system, Digestive system. And Physiological equilibrium.
  • Removes toxins situated at weak points of the body.
  • Increases Mental and Physical efficiency.
  • Increase skin glow.
  • Reduces extra fat.
  • Removes insomnia, Anxiety and mental problems.
  • Increases loss of vigor and stamina.
  • Increases joint immovability.
Therapeutic effect of panchkarma despite all the above advantage, Panchkarma has its limitation, the rate of success of therapy is depend on
  • Age of Patient
  • Stage of disease
  • Extend of structural damage
  • Body constitution
  • Preformance of procedure

Things to be Avoidance during Panchakarma

  • Speaking loudly
  • Irritation of the body by excessive travelling
  • Prolonged walking
  • Continuous sitting
  • Consumption of food when suffering from indigestion and consumption of excessive foods.
  • Irregular and unwholesome food intake
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Day time sleep
  • Cold water to bath and drink
  • Spicy food
  • Meat, smoking, alchohal
  • Too cold weather
  • Too hot weather

Benefits & Therapeutic effect of Panchakarma

  • Panchakarma protects health and prevents disease.
  • Panchakarma increases immunity and vigour.
  • Balances functioning of gastric fire (agni).
  • Panchakarma cuts root cause of any disease.
  • Perpetuation of good health.
  • Panchakarma improves the function of the sense organs (ear, skin, eye, tongue, nose).
  • Balances the function of the mind and intellect.
  • Improves skin and body complexion.
  • Panchakarma enhances the physical strength.
  • Panchakarma balances physique.
  • Strengthening and enhancing sexual vigour and power which increases ability of procreation.
  • Panchakarma slowed down the process of ageing being.
  • Healthy living for longer.
  • Panchakarma helps to keep away senile problems.
  • Panchakarma takes care old people over 65 to balances their life style.
  • Panchakarma is very effective in Alzheimer to improve the function of brain.
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