Diploma in Ayurveda Course / Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy
(3 Week) | 105 Hours

Qualification – yoga teacher, naturopath, lifestyle consultants, ayurveda practioner, reiki Healer, pranic healer, osteopath, chiropractor, ayurveda doctor

Period – 5 hrs per day (includes theory and practical, yoga and meditation classes)

DaysPractical (3.30 to 5.30)Theory (10.30 to 12.00)
Day 1Demo - Ayurveda head Massage and practiceAyurveda history its legacy
Day 2Demo – Abhaynaga massage and practiceAyurveda Basic principles, Tridosha theory, Vata, Pitta, Kapha
Day 3Demo - Abhaynaga (whole body oil massage and practice)Decide body type Prakriti evaluation
Day 4Demo –Shirodhara practiceAyurveda herbs in daily life (kichen herbs) Ayurveda oils
Day 5Demo - Face massage, Nasyam (nasal treatments), karna pooran (ear treatment)Ayurveda way lifestyle- Dincharya
Day 6Demo - Patra Pindaswedana (bundle heat massage)Marma point learning
Day 7Excursion localRest/local excursion
Day 8Marma therapy practiceMarma point
Day 9Marma Therapyherbs garden visit/herbs identify
Day 10Udawartan powder MassagePanchakarma / snehana
Day 11Shasti Shali massage and steamPulse exam/diagnosis
Day 12Netra Tarpana and Hridaya BastiAyurvedic Medicines therapy
Day 13Kati Basti/ Janu BastiPanchakarma- swedana
Day 14Excursionexcursion
Day 15Vaman / Virechana liver detoxificationMain Detox in Ayurveda Vamana and Virechana
Day 16Basti (enema Therapy)Panchakarma – Basti (enema) Kashaya and Anuwasana
Day 17Rakta mokshana
(Blood letting)
Ayurveda Preparations
Day 18Agni Karma Ayurveda Metallic science
Day 19Ayurveda Consultations Clinical diagnosis with Pulse (Nadi Vikriti)
Day 20Ayurveda consultation for wellness Doctor assistance with Clinic
Day 21Clinical understandingTest / Certificate

Cost – US$ 1400 /- (includes teaching and training, certificate, accommodation, Indian sattvic meals, yoga, meditation).

(Certificate will be provided after successful completion of course)

Hemadri Ayurveda prides itself on administrating professionally managed Ayurveda treatments, training and research, by our highly qualified team of doctors and therapists.

  • We are pioneer Ayurveda practitioner in Rishikesh, North India
  • Training program taught by our qualified faculty of Ayurveda doctors
  • Training is given in small groups or on a one-to-one basis (if preferred) in order to facilitate personalized training needs
  • Reasonable Fee Structure.
  • Our training curriculum includes: Practical training; Lectures by our highly qualified staff; Personalized demonstration of different Ayurveda therapies / techniques on trainee him / herself
  • 20% discount on Ayurveda detoxification and rejuvenation treatments at our center during training days.
  • There are no hidden charges for oils or herbs used during the practical training

A supportive & friendly staff/team, facilitating a good work environment

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