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Jonk Village, Swargashram
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304
  • Aerogram Incense Sticks $1.21

    Arogyam Cones are Ayurvedic herbal cones, made with natural medicinal ingredients which used in balancing Vata-Kapha, removing Stress, Sinusitis, Migraine, Mental stress, Headache and removing negative energy from houses, during Yoga & Meditation gives relaxing effect. All these properties are detailed in the ancient Indian Text of Ayurveda.

    Hand Rolled (Made In India)

  • Arogyam Tea (Perfact Drink) $1.21

    Arogyam tea is an stress reliving, refreshing, brain alertness, relaxing and soothing to heart and digestive, a good combination of ayurvedic herbal product.


    • Very good for helping to detoxification process in body.
    • Centella asiatica (brahmi) and convolvulus pluricaulis (Shankhapushpi) increases concentration, relieves stress and anxiety.
    • Ocimum sanctum (basil) is excillant anti-oxidant and anti bactirial herb.
    • Terminalia arjuna (arjuna) is for controling cholestrol and giving good strength to the heart.
    • Glycyrrhiza glabra (mulethi) is for throat and acidity.
  • Wheat Grass Powder (Organic & Special) $1.21
    • Increases immune system, purify blood, antioxidant, increases energy and hemoglobin.
    • 100% pure and natural.
    • Our pure, natural and India-Himalaya grown Wheat grass powder is made from only the young nutritious shoots of organically produced wheat grass.
    • Grown in the clean, green and fertile soil of Himalaya- India, Rishikesh grass powder is rich in wide base of natural nutrients including chlorophill, vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fiber.
    • Wheat grass powder only contains the wheat grass plant; we do not use fillers, bulking agent or any other additives. It is suitable for both vegetarian and vegans and is free from herbicides, pesticides, preservatives or any other chemicals. 100% pure.
    • Pure, natural & Himalaya- India grown.
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