Study Ayurvedic Medicine Package

This package is for Ayurveda and Yoga practitioners, Ayurveda doctors, students of Ayurveda colleges, person who interested in Indian/Ayurvedic system of medicine, a person who is involve in identification of herbs and manufacturing of Ayurvedic products. Package is totally based on herbal plant exploration and manufacturing process of Ayurvedic medicines.

Useful for
  • Increasing knowledge in Ayurveda medicinal plant and their uses.
  • Identification of medicinal plants.
  • To feel and see Ayurvedic manufacturing process.
  • To promote Ayurveda for – Maintaining standard life style and curing diseases in natural way.

Get more confidence to practices.

Foot hills of Himalaya are the place where Ayur-Veda originated 5000 years back. Rishikesh and Haridwar are the most popular place where the first conference on the Ayur-Veda had been taken place by the Rishis. Most of the herbal medicines are available in the Himalaya region.

In the Haridwar more than 350 Manufacturing units are producing ayurvedic herbal medicines and supplied all over the India and abroad.

Exploration of Ayur Vedic plants in herbal garden around Rishikesh. All details about herb i.e. botanical name, its properties, guna-doshas, and part used preparations, doses, and its uses. General lecture on herbs commonly used in our daily practices – like Ashwagandha, Shatawari, Brahmi etc or basic principles of Ayurveda and its importance in our life.

Exploration of Ayurvedic Medicines preparation in manufacturing units that is Ayurvedic Pharmacy visit, you could see – How the Ayurvedic Medicines are prepared? You would be exposed to see – Tail (Herbal oils), Churna (powder), Vati (tablets), Guggul tablets, Aasav and Aristha (medicated wines), Rasa (metallic) and Ghrita preparations.

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