About Panchakarma

Panchakarma term is made up by two words, Panch means five and karma means procedure or action – so Panchakarma is five different types of procedure/action to clean/detoxify the body or procedure for balancing the five elements which is Aakash, Vayu, Agni, Jala and Prithvi Mahabhuta/tattva is called Panchakarma.

The term Panchakarma refers to the five principal practices used to cleanse the body of its excess bodily humors called Doshas. According to Charaka (Maharishi who first recorded and re-evaluated the Ayurvedic texts called Charaka samhita) introduced these cleansing practices as the axis around which all Ayurvedic healing therapies revolve, defining it as the one primary independent discipline to be employed in order to promote health.

Charaka considered it a requisite procedure before surgical operations or the administration of any of the rejuvenation therapies. Panchakarma benefits both the healthy and the unhealthy and is considered to be most effective therapy for preventing and curing diseases, as well as for revitalizing the entire human organism.

According to Sushrut – Maharishi who invented surgery and now who is called father of surgery- recommended Panchakarma before surgery and after surgery to protect health and prevents surgery in future.

Panchakarma is a process for removal of waste products and toxic substances, which are deposited at weak points in the our body on a regular basis due to seasonal changes, air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, light pollution, food alterations or impurities, over eating and also by the stress and tensions of daily abnormal lifestyle.

Procedure of Panchakarma includes three karmas i.e.
  • Poorva-karma – preparation of the body to release toxins, In Ayurveda classics, tridosha become soft and ready to come out from body – which are oil massage, snehpan, dhara, steam etc.
  • Pradhan-karma – main Panchakarma process – 5 main therapies – Vamana, virechana, basti, nasyam, raktamokshana
  • Pashchat-karma – diet plan

Rasayana therapy – is a post Panchakarma therapy – where we should take Ayurvedic medicinal food supplements to improve dhatus quality and quantity and its functions and overall body strength to fight against disease which is immunity.

A particular Panchakarma therapy is given according to individual constitution and ailments.

So, Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic natural way for detoxification and rejuvenation of body to keep it healthy and happy.

  • Ability of Evacuation
  • superiority of Efficacy
  • Enormity of Procedure
  • Target of Dosha Eradication
  • Multiplicity of Action
  • Promotive (rejuvenating) and Preventive health care
  • Kayakalpa of whole body
  • Curative treatment of Chronic disease
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