Shastishali-Pinda Swedan (Milk-Rice Massage)

This rice is used in procedure and hence the name shashtika-shali pinda sweda. Shashtika shali refers to the rice that grows in 60 days. This is also popularly known as Navarakizhi Inducing perspiration by using heated round packs of rice and special herbs according to body needs, which is prescribed by Ayurveda doctor, is referred as shashtikashali-pinda sweda.

The whole body below the neck or a portion of the body is subjected to the swedana therapy.

This is an effective and easy procedure of swedana and ideal for healthy person, in children and in clients suffering from illness due to morbid vata dosha.

We use very special herbs naturally grown in Garhwal region of Himalaya – that rejuvenate, revitalized and nourish skin cells and become very soft and get original touch of senses.
Duration and Course
  • 60 minutes
  • 7 days, 9 days,11 days,14 days
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